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The ultimate guide for the right rug: Bringing Flair to Your Floors with the Perfect Rug

Designing Your Dream Home:

Bringing Flair to Your Floors with the Perfect Rug

Get ready to take your room to the next level with the ultimate secret weapon: a fabulous rug! Let's face it, a well-chosen rug can work wonders in tying a room together effortlessly. It's like adding that perfect finishing touch that brings everything to life. Not only does a rug bring visual interest and texture, but it also serves as the anchor for your furniture, giving it a cozy and cohesive feel.In this guide, we'll cover rug sizing, colors, patterns, materials, and room-specific recommendations. Get ready to find the perfect rug to transform your space into a stylish sanctuary that reflects your unique personality!

Sizing Up: Finding the right size rug is crucial to avoid a room feeling empty or cluttered. As a general rule, ensure that a group of furniture can fit within the corners of the rug, with approximately 12 inches of extra space at the front and sides. Pieces like the head of the bed or the back of a sofa or chair can sit off the rug. It's all about creating a cozy and balanced vibe in your space!

Color and Pattern: Let's talk about rug patterns and colors, and how they can bring your space to life! If you want a cozy and relaxing vibe, go for neutral rugs with a soft, supple feel. They'll create a warm atmosphere and strike a perfect balance with contrasting elements in the room. But if you're looking to amp up the energy, vibrant and patterned rugs are the way to go! They add a pop of color without the hassle of replacing your furniture. So, let your space reflect your style and personality with the perfect rug! 

Material: When choosing a rug, it's important to consider its intended function and the care it requires. If you're looking for warmth and comfort, go for cozy wool or soft cotton rugs. They're perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in family homes. On the other hand, if you need something durable and practical for high-traffic areas, synthetic materials like polyester are your best bet. They can withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, think about how you'll use your rug and choose the material that will stand the test of time. Your perfect rug is just waiting to be discovered!

Recommended Rug Choices for Each Room:

Living Room: The living room is a central gathering space where balance is key. An understated neutral rug, such as the Twilight in light cream, can tie together contrasting design features while showcasing stunning craftsmanship. If you crave a burst of color, the Reef Triangle rug with its bold geometric design adds dimension and personality to the space. 

Bedroom: With less foot traffic, the bedroom allows for more luxurious rug choices. The Prism rug, a treat beneath your feet, provides a dreamy start to your mornings with its soft colors and textures. For the little ones' bedrooms, the Softness rugs, in an area of colours, create a playful

Dining Room: Functionality is paramount in the dining room, where spills and crumbs are common.  Use the table’s size as your point of reference. Whether circular or round, the rug should extend at least 24 inches on all sides so even a pushed-back chair can still fit within its range.Opt for a low-pile rug like Mehari, crafted with Heatset Polypropylene, to withstand regular use while adding a touch of luxury. 

By incorporating these tips and recommendations, you can select rugs that harmonize with your home's design and reflect your personal style. Happy rug shopping, and may your floors be filled with flair! 

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