Trebah 16,200 (Seasonal Turn) Mattress

The award winning Revolution spring system found within this mattress offers spring-within-spring technology, which means that you will benefit from responsive support across the full surface of the mattress. Resilience from Microlution springs featuring airflow keep the mattress dry to ensure durability and luxury. Choose from Firm, Medium or Gently supportive options. Inside the Trebah mattress are natural, sustainable upholstery layers including the delicately blended luxury of Egyptian cotton, Kapok (tree silk) and Alpaca Wool means you “sleep in” and not “sleep on” this mattress.

Spring count

  • MATTRESS                                                    16,200
  • 2500 TRUE EDGE DEEP DIVAN                   2,500

Available in a range of sizes from 90cm - 180cm